Professional Appraisal Services You Can Trust

Farrington Appraisals is an experienced and trusted choice providing commercial and industrial real estate valuation services in northern Indiana.

Farrington Appraisals

For Attorneys

Appraisal & consulting services in support of asset planning, estates and date of death appraisals, trusts, partnership agreements, divorce settlements, nontaxable donations, and litigation services, including expert testimony.

Farrington Appraisals

For Property Owners/Investors

Appraisal & consulting services in support of acquisitions, dispositions, asset planning, estates, trusts, partnership agreements, market rent studies, options for lease agreements, and market analysis.

Farrington Appraisals

For Banks

Appraisal & review services in support of financing and collateral monitoring, including inspections on new construction.

Farrington Appraisals

For Property Management Co's

Appraisal & consulting services in support of property tax appeals, market rent studies and market analysis.

Why Choose Farrington Appraisals?

  • Trust

    Farrington Appraisals has been the trusted name in Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Appraisals for almost 30 years. Over the years Farrington Appraisals has appraised hundreds of properties in the Northern Indiana market area, with a long list of satisfied clients. All client information is kept strictly confidential.
  • Value

    We can help you to determine the right scope of work to best meet your appraisal needs and best solve your appraisal problem.
  • Experience

    Farrington Appraisals brings almost 30 years of commercial and industrial real estate appraisal experience to the table, with knowledge about a number of markets and property types throughout the region.


  • I have had the pleasure to work with Michelle in a variety of capacities. Her professionalism and knowledge set her apart from the crowd. When Michelle commits to something you do not have to worry, she always follows through.
    Kathy Riland-Hinton, Director Strategic Media Initiatives Meridian Title Corporation
  • Michelle is very detailed in her approach and has a very in depth knowledge of the market both locally and regionally. With real estate in flux, Michelle's perspective on values is critical for us as we work to reset the values on commercial projects.
    Sheral Litell, Senior Broker at Newmark Grubb Cressy & Everett
  • Michelle is very professional, personable, and reliable. I enjoy working with Michelle.
    Scott Shishman, Market President, Old National Bank
  • I would strongly recommend Michelle on the basis of her experience, insight and proven ability. In my law practice I use and recommend her services frequently, very often in lieu of my own services as an appraiser, and am confident in recommending her to my legal clients in matters of real estate valuation and valuation consulting. Invariably my clients report that her skilll and the quality of her work as well as her commitment and performance have been essential in reaching a resolution to their real estate related issues
    Bruce Huntington, Partner at Botkin & Hall, LLP
  • I have been familiar with Michelle's work for over twenty years. She is a diligent researcher and is very competent in her understanding and analysis of Commercial Real Estate Appraisal. I highly recommend and endorse her.
    Dave Waszak, MAI, President at David Waszak Appraisals, Inc.
  • Michelle has provided appraisals for a number of property tax appeals I have filed. She has proven to be knowledgeable and an excellent witness, which has helped me get great results for my clients.
    Eric von Deck, Atty., Tuesley Hall Konopa, LLP
  • Michelle’s expertise in the field of appraisals for commercial real estate has been an important part of our company’s ability to take care of clients and remain compliant with the ever changing regulatory world of banking.
    Alex Strati, Northern Region President, Old National Bank